Australasian Institute of Minerals Valuers & Appraisers
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Objectives of AIMVA

Above all else, valuations from an AIMVA Certified Mineral Valuer [CMV] will be credible and reliable.

The Five Pillars guiding AIMVA's existence are:


AIMVA valuations will be fit for purpose at the Valuation Date, being as comprehensive as required for that purpose and in accord with the instructions of appointment. They will be consistent with relevant applicable Codes of Industry Best Practice. The appropriate Best Practical Valuation Methodology [BPVM] is that which is relevant at the time the project is evaluated and which produces the most reliable highest and best use estimate of that mineral asset's value taking into account the risks associated with the known attributes of the project. The mineral valuation report must provide stakeholders with information and data of the highest level of confidence so that they can make fully informed capital assessment and investment decisions consistent with the purpose of the valuation.

In this increasingly global and competitive exploration and mining environment, there is a need for competent mineral property appraisers and valuers working within the Australasian Minerals Industry to be uniquely and professionally represented. AIMVA is the only professional body specifically dedicated to the special needs of minerals appraisers and mineral valuers in our region. It defines the qualifications and ethical standards with which its members must comply; implicit in membership of AIMVA is the expectation that regulators and the public may expect the highest standards of expertise and probity.

In order to satisfy an identified market need, AIMVA focuses on providing a pool of the more reliable, reputable, highly qualified and experienced mineral valuers and appraisers consulting in Australasia. Being highly skilled practitioners, AIMVA Members' professional fees reflect their elite status. As is to be expected, many of AIMVA's Members also provide expert witness testimony and non-conflicted high level advice (or opinions) relating to complex technical assessments and valuations of mineral properties, nationally and internationally.

AIMVA's Continuing Professional Development [CPD] obligations and regular audits verify Members' current capability and ensures their expertise is always relevant. The overriding objective of AIMVA is to advance the profession of appraising and/or valuing mineral properties by establishing and continually developing appropriate criteria of qualifications and experience for AIMVA membership. This also provides a professional pathway for AIMVA's Associate Members to attain full membership. By certifying suitably qualified Members as Certified Mineral Valuer (CMV) or as Certified Professional Appraiser (CPA), it identifies them to the public as mineral valuers and appraisers having the highest professional credentials.

AIMVA provides a recognition service for those persons or entities requiring reliable, rational and reasonable reports from reputable, competent and unbiased mineral property appraisers and valuers.

Although the valuation of exploration, mining and quarrying projects is AIMVA's main focus, membership is also extended to those valuers involved in the wider mineral asset valuation context e.g., plant, equipment, machinery and other fixed assets; related real estate properties; joint venture, company and share valuations; expert determinations; arbitrations and mediations; and securities industry (commodity, stockbroking and research analysts, etc.). In addition, Associate Membership is open to those persons in the legal, accounting, funds management and financial advisory professions who are involved in the minerals industry of Australasia.